laure maugeais

A picture from the road to Picardie (France) where I am greeted in residence for a few months by the great team of Diaphane.

Since then a week has passed. I am delighted to spend time with kids from 3 to 15 years old who are engaged into projects we build together. They already shot amazing photos. For my part, I am already in touch with the population, having appointments, coffees and exchanges for my personal project which will start tomorrow with the first portrait... On going....

2016' last day... The very last commissioned work asked for the year: to witness the anniversary of 31 years of love! Crying and laughing at the mer de glace Chamonix (74).
I am sincerely and deeply touched by their confidence.It has been an amazing day !!
☆ a shiver of delight ☆

-To question our comfort zones, part 3 -
The third group has concluded that in Argentiere and Vallorcine people are doing a lot of sports which meant for the kids that so there are much more accidents than else where in the valley. And so, they decided to think about the notion of accident, physical and photographic. A wound would create a new space, a personal landscape.

-To question our comfort zones, part 2 -
The second step of the residency has started already.
We decided to extract the mirror of our digital camera and to place it where we actually live. A new landscape takes shape.
A step sideways, another anchor point.

-To question our comfort zones, part 1 -
I have started a residency in the country side located in the Chamonix Mont Blanc valley. I work for a month with 3 groups of children on the concept of territory and landscape. With the first group, after a talk we agreed that the game develops the imagination. It permits to get into some other "worlds". So we decided to create images on that conclusion. We had to push our limits, to explore, you can see that progression in our photographs.
The kids, who are 7 and 8 years old, are quite well organized, they have a notebook for the organisation of the shooting... wow, that's AMAZING !

I am super lucky!!

This project is supported by the "Contrat Enfance Jeunesse" Chamonix Valley and Image Temps -

postcard 05 - from Amtrak Zephyr ... going along Mississippi Colorado and so...

a postcard from Amtrak Zephyr train

postcard 04 - from Amtrak Capitol Limited - Washington to Chicago
a postcard from Amtrak Limited Capitol -DC to Chicago-

postcard 03 - from Washington DC

(from our family trip Coast to coast- dont follow tracks, create your owns)

a postcard from washington DC

postcard 02 - from ConeyIsland

(from our family trip Coast to coast- dont follow tracks, create your owns)


postcards 00 + 01 - from NYC - US

(family trip - dont follow tracks, create your owns)

a postcard from New York City
a postcard from chinatown NYC